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Are start ups big money? When joining a start up, often folks will get options. How can simulations can help paint a picture of potential options outcomes?

Start ups may offer options as part of compensation. These let employees purchase company stock. However, sometimes those shares cannot be sold right away. This means employees may invest their own money for either a loss or a profit realized after some delay.

What might the outcomes for options look like? Maybe data science can help. This tool explores Markov Chains and Monte Carlo methods, looking at distributions of outcomes given beliefs about what might happen to a start up.

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In addition to the UI editor, you can also program the simulation through a small domain specific language with which you can define more complex simulations.
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What's the takeaway?

Post-tax simulation outcomes summarized at a high level.
Statistic Value
Simulations with profit
Simulations over 1 million

How often were different profits seen?

Histogram looking at how often different post-tax profits were seen in simulations.

What were the individual simulation results?

Time and post-tax proft for individual simulations. Click on a dot to see an individual simulation.

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